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One word = Amazing!

Don’t want to spoil it for you guys so I’m not going to get to much into detail.

Twist and turn after twist in turn! So many head scratchers and jaw droppers in the fifth installment of this Vin Diesel x Paul Walker film franchise. Although the major street racing element is pretty much GONE in this movie, I’m sure it will still catch the hearts of enthused motorist world wide. Some new (but I’m sure permanent) faces have arose in the plot plus many familiar characters. New villain of course. Typical money launderer. Probably the 3rd biggest character on the roster next to Vin and Paul is definitely THE ROCK. Dwayne Johnson brings the same comedic relief to the big screen as he did in the ring. Smart remarks followed by a blank stare to show his attitude is still “JUST BRING IT”. Story takes place in Rio, brazil. Where they oddley have police Dodge CHARGERS! On that note Dodge’s product placement with this charger(new and old) is right on the money! As if they already weren’t selling enough of them, i guess they took cues from the Chevrolet Camaro in the transformers movie and let the movie take full advantage of their top selling car. Anyways Diesel finally finds a woman, everyone got paid and got away.


you really didn’t think it was over did you?? Stay for the ending credits for a surprise!!!!!!!!


Written by ifiwasperfect

April 26, 2011 at 11:58 pm

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